Medical Errors Cause Another Injury

Medical errors cause so many injuries each year. The number of people injured each year due to medical malpractice and hospital errors is approximately 1.3 million. This is more people injured than in almost any other type of accident. The number of people who die from medical malpractice is higher than those dying from cancer. The Insurance Industry and other big companies have been using the medical malpractice scare as a way to push what they call “tort reform.” How many times have you heard the phrase, “all the doctors are leaving.” Well, if all the doctors are leaving everywhere, where are they going, to Mars? The number of doctors has been increasing each year by about 2%. Doctors are leaving rural areas but not because of lawsuits. The doctors do not want to live in rural errors for many of the same reasons people are leaving rural areas. The flight away form rural areas in this country has been taking place for the last century and it is going to continue according to government studies.

We have all been bombarded with the ads and literature designed to make us believe doctors are boarding a space shuttle to Mars. I have a family full of medical professionals and they don’t think twice about medical malpractice. They treat their patients with kindness and all the skill they possess. The statistics show that over 50% of the medical errors are caused by 5% of the medical people who continue to make mistakes and are not adequately trained or disciplined. There are around 350 million people in the U.S. There are around 1.3 million medical errors. Nation wide out of the 1.3 people injured only about 85,000 file a lawsuit. I have to confess that my math skill are not as good as they once were. What is the percentage if 85,000 out of 1.3 million file a lawsuit? Is that somewhere around 8%? Let me ask you this question? If your neighbor kept backing his car into your car and causing substantial damage, would you let him do it 8 times before you took action? Or would you expect him to fix it the first time he did it? If you bought a house and the roof fell in because it was not built according to Southern Building Codes, would you say, “well, okay, I will let it fall in 7 more times before I do anything.”

I work as an attorney helping people who get seriously injured, defrauded, or charged with crimes. This is my career, passion, and life. I do not make any apologies. I don’t cause the injury or pain people have or feel, I try to help them deal with it in the legal system. The legal system can only offer money damages. That is it. If the legal system could repair the injury, I don’t know a single client who wouldn’t rather have a new body, limb, or be without pain than have money. The law profession is not much different then medicine. Doctors take patients as they find them. With injuries, pain and disability. Lawyers take clients as they find them, with injuries, pain and legal problems. Neither profession creates the problems. Each profession “practices” to solve the client/patients problems. Both make their living and get paid for helping people. Lawyers are attacked each year by the Insurance Industry for getting paid helping people. The last time I looked everyone in life gets paid for what they do, even preachers.

Medical negligence and mistakes are a bad thing. People go to their medical provider for help. They don’t expect more injuries. There are so many instances where a person went into a Hospital and the medical professional operated on the wrong body area! Think about that for a minute. Can you imagine any way that should be excusable? The famous actor James Woods recently filed a lawsuit over his brother’s death at a hospital. The Hospital eventually apologized for their mistake and agreed to pay damages to the children of his brother. These children are now without their dad and provider. In another case that made the news a hospital paid for causing a young boy to lose his leg and suffer mental developmental delays due to their errors. And in Texas a woman experienced problems for ten years after a hysterectomy. Finally, she learned that the doctor had left a sponge in her body. Of course, rather than admit the error and help her, the doctor is fighting it “tooth and nail.” I am sorry that people make mistakes. A serious mistake by a doctor is likely to cause serious injuries. That is why being careful, well trained, and monitored is so important. I like and appreciate my doctors. I respect the medical profession. But, if any person, including a doctor, makes a error that causes another person an injury, they must be responsible just like everyone else.

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