In the history of American society, one of the greatest hoaxes ever imposed on its people is the professed “medical malpractice crisis.” Insurance companies have masterminded a way in which to scare almost everyone. Mississippi residents were told over and over again that the cost doctors are paying for medical malpractice insurance was so high that before long most doctors would be “driven out of our state” and “forced to flee.”

Tort reform portrayed the system as one about to crack at the seams, when in fact the cost of medical practice payouts in relation to the health care budget in the United States is 2%. Yet the Insurance Industry used this issue to scare people that they were about to lose their local doctor. The Insurance Industry used this issue to inflame the fears of people when the real fear never existed.

Though insurance companies talk about the frivolous claim, what they actually want to do is harm the good claims. With damage limits, life is made substantially worthless for housewives, children, and retired citizens. One may recover the limit provided by law, but after paying other doctors for their expert opinions and all other expenses associated with trying a medical malpractice case, there is simply nothing left for the injured party.

Insurance companies continue to help themselves to a non-capped profit while the American consumer has been left with little choice but to accept whatever the law provides.

As the bestselling author Gerry Spence has asked numerous times, “Who pays more for insurance per dollar earned – you for your health insurance or your doctor for his malpractice insurance?”

Decide that one for yourself.

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