The United States Drug Enforcement Administration and other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will no longer arrest and seek to prosecute people who are prescribed marijuana for medical use. There are approximately thirteen (13) states that allow a prescription for marijuana use to help with chronic pain and nausea. These States include California, Maryland, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, and Washington and Maine. Marijuana has been used for many years and has helped people who suffer chronic pain. In a way it may be better than many of the prescription drugs that are given for pain and which are highly addictive. If marijuana is an effective treatment why should a person be denied the right to use it, yet that same person could be prescribed strong drugs like Oxycontin.

In California it is legal to prescribe marijuana for pain and there are clinics that grow the marijuana. In the past under the Bush Administration the DEA and other agencies have raided and arrested clinic owners that legally grow marijuana marijuana according to California law. Most people do not realize that some crimes are both State and Federal crimes at the same time. Drugs or controlled substances is one example. If a person is arrested for drugs in any state, he could also be prosecuted by the Federal government. So, in the case of California, even though state law permitted clinics to grow marijuana, and doctors could legally prescribe marijuana, it was still a federal crime subject to prosecution.

This is a shift in policy by the new United States Attorney and one that is needed and welcome. If a state permits the medical use of marijuana, and it is legitimate, then the Federal Government has no business arresting and prosecuting either the companies or the people that use the marijuana. At Coxwell & Associates we have had to represent several different people who were from out of state and had prescriptions for medical use of marijuana. They were arrested passing through Mississippi and of course Mississippi does not recognize the medical use of marijuana. There is an extensive marijuana research facility at Mississippi State University. It is time the Federal Government put its resources on serious issues.

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