Mexico Decriminalizes Possession of Small Quantities of Drugs

Today in the news there was an article about Mexico decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs. Mexico had tried this before but backed away after the United Stated put pressure on the country. I have generally kept quiet on this issue but I cannot do it anymore. America, one of the supposedly great Western Civilized Counties, declared a “War on Drugs” sometime in the early 1980’s. A war on drugs really meant a war on the American Public. Look, I don’t think drugs are good. They can hurt you. But there are plenty of things we do in this country that can hurt you, but we still do them. The war on drugs resulted in an all out attack not just on large drug sellers or importers, but it became a war on the small user and addict, who quite frankly is as easy to catch in a drug sting as a bream is to catch with a cricket.

Drugs are a problem. We need to do more to help people who use drugs to stop using drugs, both the addict and the teenager or other person who casually uses drugs. Arresting small users and/or addicts for possession and running them through the criminal system so that they often end up with a felony conviction that can haunt them forever, is not efficacious and is stupid. There I said it. We need to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs. I am saying this even though it would reduce the criminal cases I handle. I do not care. I am so frustrated and tired of seeing people’s lives ruined by drug possession when there are better and more reasonable methods we could use. This would in turn free up law enforcement to handle major cases. America puts too many people in jail. This is one way to lower the numbers and help people who need the help.

Since we are talking about incarceration, I personally do not like the idea of private jails. We do not need to allow “big business” in the business of incarceration. Next thing we will see on television will be ads for space in the private prison. Think about that!

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