Mississippi Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that impairs your ability to safely operate and automobile is a serious misdemeanor in Mississippi. This offense can lead to fines, jail time, and the loss of your drivers license. The third (3rd) dui in a five (5) year period is a felony. We tell clients the best way not to get a second dui is to aggressively fight your first dui.

I saw an interesting article in the news recently. A man was arrested and given a dui for operating a reclining chair that had a motor. Yes, you read that right. This man had created a motorized recliner chair and was operating it on the public roads. There was not a lot of detail in the article. I assume he was somewhere around his house. Anyway, he ran into a car and the police were called the police gave him a dui. This should illustrate a good point to you: If you have alcohol on your breath and you are in any motorized vehicle or any contraption, you are going to jail. At Coxwell & Associates we are aggressive in dui defense. We have defended hundreds of people for dui. Some of the most highly publicized dui cases in Mississippi have ended up in our office. These people came to see us for these reasons: We are aggressive, smart, practical, experienced, and honest with our clients. If you get charged with dui call Coxwell & Associates at 601.948.1600 for a free consultation.

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