Mississippi Killer Posing as Cop? Drivers Beware!


Two motorists in Mississippi have been shot in separate incidents leaving police to wonder if the killer is posing as a police officer. Police believe that the killer is using fake emergency lights to pull over unsuspecting motorists before robbing and killing them. Officials have advised motorists not to pull over for anyone they think might not be a police officer. Instead, they are advising motorists to simply drive to a public place and then pull over.

Years ago in Jackson, the same thing was occurring. A person was impersonating a police officer and pulling over women who were driving alone at night. Once again, police officials advised motorists to drive to a public area before pulling over.

I have advised my wife that if she is ever “blue lighted” she should activate her emergency lights and travel safely to the nearest public area before stopping. In today’s world, any maniac can paint a car to make it look like a police car. Why should a woman stop in the middle of the night on a deserted road with the number of lunatics running around? And hey, who is to say that a legitimate police officer doesn’t have improper purpose in pulling over a motorist? If a police officer elects to give my wife a ticket for “failure to comply with blue lights” then she knows a good attorney to help her out with that ticket. At least she will be alive.

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