Motorcyclist Killed in Jackson Crash

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On Thursday morning, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in Jackson. According to WAPT News Channel 16, the wreck happened at the corner of Woodrow Wilson and Bailey Avenues. For currently unknown reasons, 22-year-old Torrance Jackson’s motorcycle crashed into a Dodge Ram truck. Apparently, the truck was turning onto Woodrow Wilson Avenue at the time of the crash. Very few details have been released about this collision, which is likely still under investigation with local law enforcement authorities.

Motorcycle Crashes Across The U.S.

Motorcycle riders are one of the most vulnerable roadway user groups. Unlike traditional passenger vehicle occupants, they don’t have the added protection of seat belts, air bags and steel cages. They aren’t fully enclosed and they’re only on two wheels. Roadway hazards that might not be a big deal for drivers could be life threatening for bikers. Even a pothole could be deadly if a motorcyclist doesn’t have the room to maneuver around it. Since motorcyclists are one of the few roadway user groups that still continue to see a rise in injury-causing and deadly crashes, motorists on the road need to step up their safety measures.

Share the Road With Motorcycle Riders

Sharing the road and looking twice to save a life are two great ways to improve roadway safety for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. The most important theme to remember is to pay attention. Distracted driving has become an epidemic in Jackson and around the country. If you’re looking at your phone, you’re definitely not looking out for motorcyclists or other motorists. Don’t get too comfortable on smaller roads either. Motorcyclists are just as vulnerable going 35 miles per hour as they are on the interstate. Even a seemingly minor crash can be devastating or deadly for a motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle Accidents in Jackson

With warm summer weather on the horizon, more and more bikers will be taking to the roadways. It isn’t always enough to wear helmets and ride defensively. Drivers need to share the road too. This means ‘looking twice’ for motorcycles and committing to distraction-free driving.

The team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC sends their deepest condolences to the family members and friends of Torrance Jackson. We also wish motorcycle riders across the city safe travels this summer and all yearlong.

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