What Mississippians can learn from “Mr. Bean’s” Car Accident


If you have small children, boys especially, then you have no doubt seen one of the Mr. Bean movies. Rowan Atkinson, the Mr. Bean actor, was involved in a minor car accident recently when his McLaren F1 sports car spun out and hit a tree. (Dang, Mr. Bean is making some serious bucks to be able to afford a McLaurin. One F1 recently sold for $4 million!) Fortunately for Mr. Atkinson, and Bean fans everywhere, he only suffered minor injuries.

We get calls all the time from folks who have minor car accidents with no bodily injury. Their car, however, is totaled. The problem arises with their insurance company. I recently had a family friend tell me that one of their relatives was in a car accident which was clearly the other person’s fault. The other driver’s insurance company admitted this BUT said the accident was because of “bad weather” and would not pay anything!

Dealing with insurance companies on your own can be risky. Here are a few tips:

1. Call your lawyer first (that’s me by the way);

2. Please make sure you have a complete police accident report. Do NOT leave the scene of the accident without making sure that the report is complete AND accurate.

3. Call your insurance agent immediately.

4. If you ignore Step 1 and decide to handle this yourself, please remember to deal with any insurance company, even your own, in writing. Send all your letters via certified mail, return receipt requested. Otherwise they’ll deny everything. Probably.

4. Get several estimates of your damage.

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