On Thursday, February 03, 2011 the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed the Jackson, Hinds County murder conviction of Harvey “Smokie” Williams. Mr. Williams had been convicted of murder arising from a shooting outside a Jackson nightclub in 2007. Mr. Williams had previously filed armed robbery charges against Calvin Younger who was the brother of his girlfriend. Mr. Younger was known to be dangerous even before he armed robbed Harvey.

One evening Harvey was going out to a nightclub when he heard someone yell at him something like this,”what you going to do now M-F.” Harvey testified that Calvin Younger approached him and reached to pull a weapon. Harvey shot and then fled the scene. Harvey fled because Calvin Younger had two of his “partners” with him and Harvey feared for his safety. There were hundreds of people on the scene. When the police arrived they did not find a gun on the body of Calvin Younger.Younger’s two partners said Calvin Younger did not have a gun, he had a cell phone. But no cell phone was found either. Where did the gun go? Who took it and why? Did a gun even exist? The State claimed it did not.

None of the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates participated in Harvey Williams’ trial. We were hired to help make sure Harvey obtained the very best counsel he could for his appeal. When we got involved another lawyer had been working on the case. She had done a great job analyzing the issues. The appeal had about five (5) very good issues and the one we focused on was the trial court’s refusal to allow the guard at the night club to testify that 15 minutes before Harvey arrived, Calvin Younger was denied entrance to the club because he had a gun! You can imagine how important this testimony would have been at trial.

The Mississippi Supreme Court agreed with our issues on appeal. The Court ruled that the testimony of the security guard was admissible and the trial court made an error by refusing to allow the testimony. Mr. Williams will now receive a new trial.

Merrida Coxwell has practiced law in Jackson, Rankin, and Madison County for over thirty (30) years. During that time he has represented people charged with almost every type of offense imaginable. Merrida has defended a Mississippi Supreme Court Judge, the Mayor for the City of Jackson, doctors, accountants, dentists, law enforcement officers, and hundreds of working men and women charged with criminal offenses. In additional to his extensive criminal work Merrida helps individuals who are seriously hurt obtain fair and reasonable money compensation for the harms and losses they suffer.

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