Pit Bull Kills Young Child

I have written an article on the C & A Blog before about the legal liability of people who keep dangerous dogs on their property. Today in the newspaper their was a front page article about a five (5) year old girl who was playing in the snow when she was mauled and killed by a Pit Bull that got out of its cage. As I sit here drinking coffee, I can barely imagine what the parents of the young child are experiencing today. It pains me greatly.

The Pit Bull is a dangerous dog. I have heard people argue that they are not, but statistics prove that the Pit Bull is one of three (3) dogs that account for almost all serious injuries. In my opinion it is is impossible to argue with the facts that prove Pit Bulls are dangerous. The owners of the Pit Bull that mauled the five (5) year old are going to face serious legal liability. There are some instances where an owner of a dangerous dog could be held criminally responsible. I think the conscience of the dog owners may bother them for the remainder of their life.

I am not going to debate the rights of dog owners. I love animals, including dogs. I have a dog, a cat, and I had 9 Koi fish until a Great Heron landed in my backyard pond and ate all my fish. Now I have an empty Koi pond. I know the joy animals bring to people, but I question the need to own the breeds of these dogs that are known to constantly cause injuries to people. Owning one of the dangerous breeds of dogs breeds legal responsibility and liability. And it is dangerous to neighbors. I would be very uncomfortable if any of my neighbors owned a Pit Bull. I think it is time local governments enact ordinance prohibiting the ownership of these breeds of dogs. I am generally not for more government laws, rules and regulations, but the attacks by dangerous dogs are just to frequent. I am not against dog ownership, but I am against dangerous dogs being in or near where children play.

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