Business owners in Mississippi have a duty to keep their property or premises free from dangers and hazards that could harm users or consumers who come onto the property. This area of the law often involves slip and fall, trip and fall, other types of negligent maintenance of the property, and failure to provide safe premises. In high crime areas business often have a duty imposed by law to provide reasonable safety to customers who enter the property at the owner’s invitation. While business owners do not have to guarantee a visitor’s absolute safety, they are under a duty to take reasonable based on all the known facts.


Any property owner, landlord, manager, business establishment or homeowner could be liable for harms and losses suffered by a visitor if the owner has knowledge of a dangerous condition that is not obvious to the visitor. One example could be a defective chair in an eating establishment that breaks and serious injures a customer. Another example might be a rotten board on a deck of an establishment that breaks and causes serious injury to a customer. Of particular concern to homeowners are dangerous dogs. Often homeowners keep dogs that are known to be dangerous or that have dangerous characteristics. If the dog bites and seriously injures a visitor, the homeowner’s insurance may be required to pay for the harms and losses.


Each property owner should take reasonable steps to insure that visitors are not exposed to dangerous conditions. One type of precaution might be the placement of a warning sign. Regular inspections and examinations should take place for any establishment that invites customers onto its property. Immediate repairs of any dangerous conditions on premises and/or warning signs should be erected. If you have suffered a serious injury while on the property of a business or the property of another, allow our skilled and experienced attorneys to evaluate your case. We do not charge for our evaluations, even if that requires us to visit the premises, talk to witnesses, and make other investigations. If we accept your case we will work diligently to assure that you are adequately and reasonably compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered.

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