Public Option Health Insurance

If you are ever in a serious automobile accident or any type of accident where you are injured because of another person’s carelessness let’s hope you have good health insurance. Health insurance is important now days, and about 40 million people in this country do not make enough money to afford health insurance. With the rising cost of health insurance the day may come when very few of us can afford the insurance. I am convinced that as a country we need to take the insurance profit out of health insurance. I heard an interesting news broadcast this morning on public radio and the feeling of many people in this country is that the insurance industry and the lobbyists have taken over the debate. Congress is not listening to what Americans need. We need competitive insurance and the only way we are going to get a competitive insurance rate is if the government has a public option. This will force the insurance industry to get competitive. If you think insurance sponsored health care is the only kind available, think again. There are many countries that have government sponsored insurance coverage, and in those countries the people are not clamoring to bring in insurance companies. Read that again: Countries without insurance health care coverage are not asking for insurance companies to come back. We are one of the richest nations in the world. It is a shame we cannot come together in this country and offer coverage to our citizens.

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