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The is a good Editorial in the Asheville, N.C. Citizen-Times about Public Option health insurance. The editorial is one I am beginning to see more and more in newspapers. People who really consider this issue and stop listening to the lies and fear being whipped up and promulgated by the insurance industry have universally come to the same opinion: A public option insurance program is the only way this country is going to get health care under control. There is a political party that keeps claiming that we need more tort reform. This is a unmitigated lie, plain and simple. The truth is, and this is born out by the facts and statistics, that medical errors account for thousands of deaths a year. You can Google this yourself and read that medical errors lead to more death than some major diseases and perhaps even car wrecks. And the amount of the health care budget that goes to paying people who are seriously injured due to a major medical mistake is only around 2% of the overall budget. Think about that. Let’s say the words together: Lawsuits, those evil things that help people who are injured recover, account for only 2% of the overall health care budget. So, where is the other 98%? I think if you look into the issue you will see that it goes to overhead for the insurance industry and profit.

I read a comment in the paper the other day by a person who was saying that health care should be left alone. That it should be left to the insurance industry and if you could not buy it you don’t get it. I totally disagree with his comments. If health care was reasonably priced I might agree with him. If we took the insurance industry out of health care, and took the profit mongers out of health care, I think it would be priced so that everyone could afford it. The people that complain about health care are often the people on medicare who do not even realize that medicare is a government health program. One elderly lady said the other day that she wanted to “get the government out of her medicare insurance.” Sadly, she does not even understand that her program is a government insurance program. And if we want the medicare program to work we need as a country to get more bargaining power with prescription drug costs. I believe that 90% of the problem with health care costs stem from a profit motive that is involved in health care. I want everyone to understand that I am a firm believer in allowing people to make a profit and the free enterprise system, but I am believe there are areas that must be directed by a greater public good, just like democracy. When I hear people complaining about big government I shake my head in wonder at their lack of understanding. Our government has provided so much safety and public projects that have benefited the overall well being of the country. I shudder to think of these projects left to the control of large corporations and industries that have no concern for people and only care about making money and moving on to the next country. We already see examples of this now. Look at the number of American companies who have abandoned the American worker and abandoned America so they could move over to another country and make more profit. One day they will move on to yet another cheaper country, leaving each time without any concern for the people affected by the move.

In most instances private business is good. But there are instances when private business should not control the market. I think back now about Bush’s effort to turn the retirement system over to private industry. Where would we be now if Wall Street had control of public funds when the banking system failed. Social Security may have some serious problems, but if our entire social security had been with Wall Street the country may be completely destroyed. If you get the chance look at the Editorial in the Citizen-Times. The industry industry can make all these promises to us to try and divert our attention away from a public option. They promised us better health insurance when they HMO’s, but all we got was lesser coverage and they made more money. Private insurance companies for profit will never provide us as a nation affordable coverage. That is a fact.

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