Recent Mississippi Personal Injury Settlements


At Coxwell & Associates we have developed a reputation for helping people who have been accused of crimes. However, we have also been able to help hundreds of citizens who have been injured by the negligent actions of individuals or businesses. From car accidents to dangerous drugs, Coxwell & Associates has been vigilant in helping folks recover money damages for their injuries.

One such case I recently settled involved DeAngelo Wilkerson and the notorious Remington Hunt Club located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I have blogged previously about Martez Smith who was shot and paralyzed at this club. DeAngelo was injured at the Remington Hunt Club two years after Martez was shot. Apparently, the owners of the Remington Hunt Club did not improve their security measures after Martez’s shooting.

DeAngelo had been a customer at the Remington Hunt Club and was leaving. As he was driving in the parking lot he was rear ended by another customer. DeAngelo got out of the vehicle to check out the damage and exchange information with the other driver. When he approached the other driver’s car, the driver backed up abruptly knocking DeAngelo down. The car ran over DeAngelo’s lower body. Then the driver drove forward, running over DeAngelo for a second time.

The driver was detained and an ambulance was called for DeAngelo. Toxicology tests showed that the other driver had been drinking. He was eventually arrested. DeAngelo suffered serious permanent injuries as a result of the other driver’s actions.

We got involved in the case and filed suit alleging the club “over served” the driver among other claims. We obtained a trial date and began litigation. Remington Hunt Club’s lawyers mounted a very vigorous defense but the club’s history was simply too hard to ignore. We began settlement negotiations and eventually obtained a fair settlement for DeAngelo. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

We also were able to settle two private prison cases recently. The prisons were both operated by GEO, the second largest private prison company in the world. Both clients were brutally raped and assaulted on two different occasions and in two very different ways. Our first client was jumped on by 5 other prisoners and held in a room where he was brutalized. His attackers snorted cocaine during the assault. Surveillance video showed that there were no guards at all in the area. His attacker was indicted for the rape and is awaiting trial.

The second client was bound and gagged by his cellmate while he slept. He woke up tied to his bed. He was kept this way for nearly 24 hours. The guards never came and checked on the cells as required. His cellmate brutally raped and beat him repeatedly. The psycho even recorded a portion of the event on a cell phone. Due to faulty locks on the prison doors, our client’s attacker was able to come and go as he pleased throughout the night. Our client was able to obtain physical evidence (including the cell phone) and escape the cell while his attacker had left the cell. The physical evidence supported his rape claim and his cellmate was indicted for the attack.

Both suits were filed in Federal Court. Despite being represented by fine attorneys, GEO quickly recognized that the cases were very strong. We were able to settle these cases in mediation. Both clients were pleased with the results but will remain scarred for the rest of their lives. Again, the terms of both settlements are confidential.

Whether you have a criminal problem or a personal injury case, the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates are here to help you. To learn more about us go to our website.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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