Save Kid’s lives in Jackson, Madison, and Ridgeland

We should all be interested in saving kids’ lives not only in Jackson, Ridgeland, and Madison, but in every county in Mississippi and every state in the United States. A new report has just come out stating that childred should stay in a rear facing child seat until age two (2) or they reach the correct weight for the seat. Kids should continue to use a booster seat until they are 4 feet 9 inches tall and continue to ride in the back seat of the car until they are 13 years old. Wow. I think back of the time when I was a kid and we crawled all over the car. We jumped on the backseat, climbed up to the front seat, put our head out of the windows, and did just about anything else you can do in a car when you are not strapped down.

One of the leading cause of death amoung young children is automobile deaths. The fact is we know more now then our parents knew about safety. Statistics can prove to us how and in what manner children are dying and we can do something to prevent these deaths. Safety has gottten more important both to the government and to some large companies. Believe it or not lawyers who bring product safety lawsuits have been responsible for many of the positive safety changes to consumers.

Here is a handy list of the various State Booster Seat Law Chart. If you want to be an advocate in Madison, Ridgeland, Clinton, Jackson, or any place in Mississippi there is a group you can join to help. People ask me all the time how I have so much time to to help charities or groups and I find that question funny. I don’t feel like I do enough sometimes so if you are interested in being involved in one of these groups, “just do it.”

I know when we as parents were trying to decide on a Child Safety Seat the choices were wide and varied. We did a good deal of research into the various seats. There was a interesting article in Parents Magazine called Ten Car Safety Seat Secrets. The article is short and worth the read.

Child safety is serious business. As parents we invest more in our children in terms of love, attention, time, and money then in anything else in life. Let’s take the best care we can of them.

Merrida Coxwell is the managing partner of Coxwell & Associates, PLLC. Mr. Coxwell has two children and one step-child. A significant part of the practice at Coxwell & Associates focuses on helping mothers, fathers, and children who suffer serious harms and lossess from the actions or neglect of big corporations or others. Mr. Coxwell and his partner have helped injured people obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts or settlements.

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