Serious Accidents and Criminal Defense

Serious accidents and criminal defense throughout Mississippi and in other states are the main area of practices for the majority of attorneys at Coxwell & Associates. Four (4) of the five (5) lawyers work in those areas with the addition of some financial fraud cases. Over the past 6-7 seven years our attorneys have reduced the fraud cases because of the arbitration clauses. You can read about arbitration clauses in a post made October 12, 2009. Frank Coxwell is the sole attorney in our office that handles consumer bankruptcy, consumer related issues, and limited domestic work.

There are over 4500 federal laws and regulations. There are hundreds of state laws and regulations. Perhaps thousands. These days it is not possible for an attorney to be an expert or even proficient in every one of these areas. Of course, an attorney could always research and study on a new area, but that is not always practicable because the attorney is “reinventing the wheel” when another lawyer is already knowledgeable in the area. At Coxwell & Associates we focus our attention in a limited area of the law. This way we are able to provide the best legal services to our clients.

In the past we have handled serious injury cases, ranging from defective products, defective prescription drugs, serious auto, boat, motorcycle, and 18 wheeler accidents. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in the field of serious injury and criminal defense. If you have a legal problem please feel free to call. A service we provide is to consult with clients and if they have a legal problem that is outside one of our areas, we can help then locate an attorney. Call 601-948-1600 or e mail one of the attorneys.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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