Serious Accidents In Mississippi

Mississippi is not a hugely populated state but it has its share of serious accidents. Within the past month we have had a serious burn case come into our office. In another case we had a terrible auto accident case. The young man is still in serious condition after three (3) weeks. We had a bad injury case that resulted from a defective medical product and an injury on property. If you have not suffered a serious accident in your lifetime you have been very lucky. I have had serious accidents touch my life in through family and friends.

There is no one way to handle a serious accident case. Each person is unique because he or she is a unique person who brings to the case their own types of harms and losses. There are certain legal proceedings that we use in each case, but the development of our client’s damages is always done from an individual approach. In my opinion the best way to start is getting to know both the client and his/her family. Until a lawyer really knows the client and family, how can the lawyer know how to help the client. The biggest mistake I see from other lawyers is that they interview the client in order to get “the facts,” and afterwards they think they know the case. Wrong. The client is the case. The case is not about a set of facts. It is about a living, breathing, changing person. A lawyer cannot interview the client and then think he knows the case. As a lawyer you never know the case, you grow into the case as you grown to know and care for the client.

This also brings me to another issue that puts me at disagreement with many lawyers and law schools. We are taught in law school to study the law and the facts and apply the law to the facts in a logical, unemotional manner. Emotions are feelings that are considered useless in law school. Only logic is important. At Coxwell & Associates we disagree with that approach. We represent people. Every part of a person’s life is about emotion. In my opinion every decision, whether you want to believe it or not, is based on emotion. Modern social science work by psychologists supports me in my opinion. If you leave emotion out of your life, then you are not alive.

The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates bring their emotions to work. We believe that we need our minds and logic to understand the law in a case and plan a strategy, but need our emotions to give us passion for our clients. Without passion, the lawyer is unable to put the full weight into his argument. Boxers put their weight behind their punch. They don’t just punch with their arm. Lawyers should put their weight into their arguments also, and their weight comes from their emotions and passion for the client and his/her case.

I am sure there are plenty of lawyers who would disagree with me. They would argue that emotions are unnecessary to the practice of law. These must be the lawyers who represent the big corporations, the giant industries, and other non-humans. Or if it is an attorney like me, one who helps people, then I suspect he is not giving his clients the best he has. Life is emotion. As lawyers we owe our clients out minds, experience, and our passion. Anything less, is cheating them.

Merrida Coxwell is a partner in Coxwell and Associates who handles serious injury and criminal defense. Merrida has over 29 years of experience. He is a veteran of serious, complex civil and criminal trials and appeals. His largest verdict was over 144 million. He has defended the Mayor of Jackson in a criminal case, judges, doctors, lawyers, professionals, and hundreds of working people. Merrida’s joy comes from his success for his clients.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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