Serious Injuries & Seatbelts

I was reading an article recently about the injuries a person can sustain from the seat belt when he is involved in a serious accident. There is a chance of injuries from wearing a seat belt. But, I will never forget the statistics I read ten years ago which said that one of the most frequent causes of death for men between the ages of 18 and 30 came from being thrown out of the car and sustaining a head injury. My dad was involved in two serious injuries when I was just a kid. Both times he was hit by someone who did not yield and he was wearing his seat belt. The car was totaled both times. My dad made it very clear to me that I should wear a seat belt. Just looking at his car when I was a child made a huge impact on me. Now every time I get in my car, whether going to work or just going to the grocery store, I put on the seat belt. There are no exceptions. My 15 year old son does not have that habit. He does not seem to understand the danger so every time we are in the car I have to ask him to wear his seat belt. Seat belts save lives. There may be a small chance that you could be injured by a seat belt, but there is a proportionally greater chance that if you do not wear your seat belt you will be seriously and permanently injured. I want each and every one reading this Blog to love yourself and your family so much you always click it.

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