Spring Clean Your Car to Avoid Accidents


Many consider spring cleaning an annual ritual.  So, it is time to extend home spring cleaning to your car. Spring cleaning for your car, however, does not only involve actual cleaning, rather includes ensuring your car is running safely and smoothly. After a cold, harsh winter, your car may be in desperate need of attention. Aside from that, a car which is well-maintained, is cheaper to run, more reliable, worth more in resale, and is safer for yourself and your passengers. Some spring car-care tips which can help you make it through the upcoming spring and summer months, include:

  • Wash and wax your car from top to bottom. If you have the available funds, go crazy and have your car professionally detailed. When you get back a car which looks brand new, it can renew your pride in the vehicle and help you keep it that way. If you clean your car yourself, make sure you remove all leftover salt and sand from the winter roads.
  • Check the pressure in each tire. Take a look at your owner’s manual to determine the correct tire pressure, being aware that as the temperatures increase, the air in the tires will expand to some extent, affecting the way your car handles. If you don’t feel you can competently check your tire pressure—or just don’t want to—take it to your dealer, or to a tire shop like Big O Tires.
  • If you put winter tires on your vehicle, now is the time to change back to your regular tires.
  • Take your vehicle in for a checkup. You probably go in for a yearly physical, just to make sure everything is fine. Your doctor will likely order tests and give you a thorough physical exam. Your car can benefit from the same type of yearly check-up, preferably in the spring. A qualified mechanic can check for worn belts and hoses, make sure your antifreeze is topped up, and check the oil along with doing a thorough visual inspection to determine whether everything is working well.
  • While your mechanic is inspecting your car, have the brakes checked. Winter salt can take a toll on brakes; cleaning and lubricating the brakes can prevent premature brake pad wear.
  • Check your windshield wiper blades and replace when necessary.
  • While cleaning your car, make sure your trunk and cargo areas are cleaned, and all the extra “stuff” which has accumulated over the winter is removed. Any extra weight in the car results in lower gas mileage.
  • Have your car’s air conditioning system fully checked out. If you haven’t recently replaced the cabin air filter, now is the time. This filter is important as it helps remove airborne pollutants and irritants from the inside of your vehicle.
  • After cleaning the trunk and outside of your car, look at the inside. Appearances are important! Get rid of the “stuff” which has accumulated under the seats, then vacuum all the dust and cookie crumbs out. Remove the mats and clean them before you replace. Use a vinyl cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your dash, seats, door panels and steering wheel (or an approved leather cleaner for leather seats).
  • Check—or have your mechanic check—your battery and spark plugs. Make sure your battery posts and connections are clean and free of corrosion.

Once your car is in tip-top shape for the coming spring and summer—congratulations! Take a trip to the beach, or to the mall to celebrate your shiny, clean, safe car, which now looks brand new.

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