Supreme Court holds there is no Constitutional right to DNA Testing

Chuck Mullins, partner at Coxwell and Associates, defends citizens chared with felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in Jackson, Hinds County Mississippi, Ridgeland, Madison County, Rankin County, Brandon, Flowood, Pearl, and all over the state. The United States Supreme Court recently held that a person convicted of a crime has no constitutional right to have DNA tested in hopes of proving their innocence. Given the recent cases where innocent men and women have been freed by DNA testing after spending years in jail, this decision appears unjust. What are your thoughts? Here is the article:

The Supreme Court says convicts have no constitutional right to test DNA evidence in hopes of proving their innocence long after they were found guilty of a crime.

The decision may have limited impact because the federal government and 47 states already have laws that allow convicts some access to genetic evidence. Testing has led to the exoneration of at least 232 people who had been found guilty of murder, rape and other violent crimes.The court ruled 5-4 Thursday against an Alaska man who was convicted in a brutal attack on a prostitute 16 years ago.

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