Suspected Ridgeland Shoplifter Apprehended.

The City of Ridgeland has been searching for months for a man suspected of shoplifting from area businesses. The man was recently apprehended after a video was played on local television stations and someone called in identifying the man. Mr. Dunson was arrested and called Coxwell & Associates attorney Eric Brown. Mr. Brown is a native of the Terry/Byram, area. He teaches part-time at Mississippi College and is employed full-time at Coxwell & Associates. Mr. Brown went to the immediate aid of Mr. Dunson and secured his release on bail.

Shoplifting is simply taking property from a store without paying for the merchandise. If the value of the property is under $500.00 then the crime is a misdemeanor, and if the value is over $500.00 the crime is a felony. If a person has two prior misdemeanor convictions for shoplifting then the 3rd offense can be treated as a felony. Shoplifting is one of many crimes that are called “property crimes.”

Though shoplifting is a property crime one should make no mistake about one thing-Madison and Rankin County usually push for stiff punishment for shoplifting. Ridgeland has the several major upscale shopping centers. These shopping centers are the tax base for the City and draw thousands of people to the town. Rankin County has extensive shopping along Lakeland Drive. Shoplifters are treated very harshly and it is not unlikely to see a person get 10 days in jail for a first offense in some of the cities.

These days most stores have some type of surveillance cameras and the bigger stores also have security guards disguised as shoppers. If a person gets caught and convicted of shoplifting a judge’s order will often forbid the person of every going back into the store again. Shoplifting is a serious crime. Before you take anything that does not belong to you consider the consequences.

Merrida Coxwell has practiced in the Jackson Metro Area and across Mississippi for over 31 years. Merrida has developed a substantial reputation for fighting aggressively for his client, regardless of the charge. Merrida understands that to many people a misdemeanor conviction is as serious as a felony to someone else. Because of this Merrida and the other attorneys at Coxwell & Associates are highly sought after by professionals, skilled workers, and business people or families with young children who do not want their kids reputations and lives ruined over a mistake or error in judgment.

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