Suspects Fee Police, Crash Results

Suspects were fleeing from the police when they collided with two other cars at an intersection. The headlines of the newspaper told of another collision that resulted from a police chase. We have represented people injured as a result of police chases. There are rules on when and for what reason the police should engage in high speed chases on public roads after people suspected of crimes. It makes no sense for the police to engage in high speed chases after suspects suspected of minor crimes, even felonies, if it means endangering innocent drivers and bystanders.

In one case we recently handled the police officer was driving over 100 miles and hour when he ran a red light killing our client. The officer was not on a high speed chase and gave no explanation for the excessive speed. The City of Jackson shamefully denied the families’ claim and contested the case in Court. Cases against police officers or the City of this type fall under the Mississippi Tort Claims Act. The person or family is limited to an award of $500,000.00. That is all the money damages they may receive. In the case we handled the Judge awarded the maximum amount. The City of Jackson has appealed the verdict. This does not reflect positively on the policies of the City. The case is currently on appeal.

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