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There must be a thousand or more articles written on this topic. I have probably written one or two before myself. What prompted me to write another is an accident in my family. It involved a new car that was totaled. Fortunately, no one was hurt. While I was sitting around reading my insurance documents, I saw a notice from my company advising me what I should do in the event of an accident. It made me smile. Their recommendations were similar to the advice I have given to hundreds of people, either over the phone, in letters, or in person. So, I thought I would take my insurance company’s advice and compare it to the advice I have given before. There will be some slight differences. I will point out those differences as we go through them together. This advice is good for car wrecks or car crashes that leave minor injuries, or car crashes with serious injuries.

First, when you are involved in a car crash you should stop. It is against the law to run off after a car accident. Leaving the scene can lead to imprisonment of 30 days in jail up to a year. If the accident causes mutilation, disfigurement, permanent disability,  destruction of the tongue, eye, lip, nose, or another limb, or death, the punishment can go up to 20 years.   The law requires every person to file an accident report if someone is injured or the damage is over $250.00. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor and can lead to suspension of your driver’s license.  Under most circumstances, people want to call the police for a report. They want the report for their insurance company and to perhaps establish fault. My legal advice is the same as my insurance company.

Second, you should record important facts about the car wreck. This includes the name, addresses, and numbers of the other people in the car accident or any additional information. Nowadays it is hard to find a person without a cell phone. A cell phone is a great tool for recording information about the accident. It can provide you photos along with the GPS and metadata on the photos. Again, my legal advice is the same as my insurance company.

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