Terrible Auto Accident

Today in the Clarion Ledger on the front page of the Metro/State section the top article covered a fiery wreck between two automobiles. It was a terrible accident that cost three people their lives and another is in critical condition in the hospital. Witnesses reported that they heard what sounded like a gas tank exploding. I remember years ago when one of the car manufacturers produced a small car that had its gas tank too high and unprotected. All over the country people died when the cars got hit and the gas tank exploded. I hope this is not one of those circumstances.

The type of accident in the paper today is the type of cases handled by Coxwell & Associates. We have chosen to not handle what are called “fender benders,” that is accidents with no injury. Those cases can usually be handled by the person with a little advice from a lawyer. Our focus is on serious injuries. Our attorneys have the experience and empathy to work with families for years if it is necessary to bring justice to those injured.

Coxwell & Associates is a law firm that focuses its practice on serious accident cases all over the state of Mississippi and in other states. In the past 15 years Coxwell & Associates have obtained jury verdicts and settlements for injured and defrauded people totalling over $150,000.00 million. For a free consultation call 601.948.1600

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