The Big Lie is Exposed: There is no Lawsuit Crisis

For more than a decade, perhaps two, there has been an assault on the legal system and on lawyers in the system who help seriously injured people. The assault has been waged by big business and international companies that do not want to accept responsibility for the dangerous products they place in people’s homes and business. There are dozens of organizations with names like Stop Lawsuit Abuse, Mississippians for Economic Progress and other such groups. The National Chamber of Commerce has been one of the worst of these groups that are trying to destroy the legal system. These groups claim that they want to bring fairness to the legal system and stop frivolous lawsuits. What they actually want to do is stop cases that have serious merit, cases by people who are seriously injured by a dangerous product or service, and to allow these big companies to escape the responsibility that each citizen accepts every day. Let me ask you this question: Do you trust a corporation to treat you right when you are injured? Do you think this big, national corporation, filled with people making millions, is going to come to your house after you are crippled for life and say “Hey, were sorry. Here is all the money your family will need for life now that you are injured by our product and cannot work.” Well, don’t wait by the door for the company. Lawyers have also been attacked. These companies want to destroy the reputation and the work we do in order to prejudice the jury. Well, the truth has come out-again.

The Bush Administration went all over the country talking about tort reform in an effort to protect these big corporations that gave financial contributions. While America fell into one of the worst recessions in fifty years, Bush spoke on tort reform. While Wall Street tycoons made millions and destroyed the financial system of America, Bush talked about tort reform. While our young men died in a war in Iraq, a war started on a lie about weapons of mass destruction, Bush talked about tort reform. This was the big issue to the Bush Administration not because it was a real issue that affected Americans, but because it affected the international corporations that supported Bush. Remember, these are some of the same corporations that claim to be American companies yet they have moved American jobs to other countries. We have lost more jobs under the Bush Administration than ever before.

The Department of Justice under the Bush Administration recently published a research of jury awards. Guess what? There is no “jackpot justice” and verdicts are not “runaway.” According to the study, civil cases only make up about 6% of the filings in state court. In the past nine years, cases filed in court have declined by 21%. Claims for damages and other tort filings only account for 1% of all civil filings in federal court. The median award in 2005 was $24,000. These statistics from the government cannot lie like some of the tort reform groups have been doing for years. While there are large verdicts from time to time, they are rare and result from serious injury cases or extremely bad and dangerous conduct by corporations. Remember the next time you hear these lies. These are your rights that are being weakened and destroyed. And it is being done slowly year by year. If it keeps up the only one with legal rights will be the corporations. I think you will want and need your lawyer then if you do not recognize the importance and need now.

At Coxwell & Associates we help people who have suffered from a serious injury. By serious, I mean a break in a bone; a serious lacertion; the loss of the ability to work; permanent disfigurements; and other like injuries. Our interest is not in a fender-bender. Many times the client can handle them without spending money on a lawyer. We help those people who need out help the most. We care for our clients and want to get them a fair and reasonable settlement-the settlement our clients deserve. If you have a injury or problem do hestitate to call us. We do not try to practice law in every area of the law because the law is too broad and it is too much to ask from a lawyer. Instead we focus on limited areas and that allows us to better lawyers. Our verdicts and settlements for injured and defrauded people are close to three (300,000,000.000) hundred million. Let us be your advocate.

Coxwell & Associates: serious lawyers for serious problems!

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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