The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

White collar offense are generally considered to be corporate crimes or crimes by business people or corporations. The are also crimes that do not involve acts of violence. The Justice Department has stated that it intended to prosecute more white collar and corporate crimes, including crimes by American Corporations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This Federal Law essentially prohibits bribery of foreign officials or governments by American corporations.

Currently the Department of Justice is investigating the pharmaceutical industry and alleged violations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. I do not know if there have been any violations of Federal Law. What I do know is that these drug companies have far too much power and control over health care policy in our country. Americans pay far to much for drugs compared to Canada, Mexico, and European Countries. The Pharmaceutical Industry also throws up excuses like “things are different in America. We have to charge more.” The only difference is the amount of money they spend lobbying so that no good consumer policy passes Congress. If you doubt me look at the difference in the cost of drugs.

The difficult economic times and the retiring of the baby boomers will strain Social Security and Medicare. The country could save billions by having competitive drug purchasing. Can you as a consumer think of a single reason why the government should not bargain and be competitive when purchasing drugs? If you can tell me. I am in support of the Department of Justice rooting out foreign corruption. I would also like to see them root out corporate corruption in this country. For far to long corporations have used America as private business at the expense of the consumers. This needs to end.

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