Top 5 Causes of Head Injuries

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Every 21 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a head injury of some type. Some of these injuries are mild, while others involve a traumatic brain injury. Of the 1.5 million Americans who suffer head injuries each year, some 80,000 will be forced to live with permanent damage.

Among young adults and children, head injuries account for nearly half of all injury-related deaths.

The top five causes of head injuries include:

1. Car Accidents

Automobile accidents are considered the second leading cause of head injuries across the United States. Aside from being injured as a passenger in a vehicle, more than 50,000 children are hit by cars each year, with many of them left with serious head injuries.

The skull is a vulnerable area during an auto accident. The skull can strike the steering wheel or the windshield. There may not be an open wound following an auto accident, as in some cases the sheer force of the collision can result in the brain slamming against the hard bones of the skull. Bruising of the brain, or brain contusion can occur, as well as brain hemorrhage, neither of which are visible injuries. Blunt trauma in an auto accident occurs when the driver or passenger’s moving head hits a stationary object and an open wound is sustained.

2. Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

More than three-quarters of fatal bicycle accident are the result of a head injury. Despite this, only about 20 percent of children across the nation wear a bicycle helmet while riding their bikes. Of the more than 350,000 children who are injured in a bicycle accident each year, a bit more than a third of those sustain a head injury. Taking motorcyclists and bicyclists together, more than 17,000 are hospitalized each year, many of those with head injuries.

Wearing a helmet is, arguably, the most important preventative measure for preventing motorcycle head injuries. In states which have revoked motorcycle helmet laws, motorcyclists are 14 times as likely to die in a crash, and three times as likely to sustain a head injury.

3. Falls

Senior citizens and children are particularly susceptible to head injuries from falls as are construction workers. Nearly two million seniors over the age of 65 are treated in the United States every year for falls, with about 421,000 of those having a head injury which is serious enough to require hospitalization. Falls are also among the top 10 injuries that children are seen in ERs for.

Children typically fall from playground equipment, stairs, windows, baby walkers and shopping carts. In fact, over the past few years 5,500 head injuries have been reported from children falling out of a shopping cart, while baby walkers send about 14,000 toddlers to the hospital every year.

4. Sports

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, some 446,788 sports-related head injuries were treated in ERs in 2009. This number was an increase of nearly 95,000 sports-related head injuries from 2008. After cycling, football was the sport with the most head injuries, followed by baseball, basketball, water sports, soccer, skateboards, exercise and health clubs, winter sports, horseback riding and gymnastics.

5. Assault or Acts of Violence

Violent behaviors are particularly dangerous to the brain, because hits are often aimed directly at the head. Domestic violence is a major cause of head injuries, as it is estimated that a woman is beaten every nine seconds in the United States, with her head being the primary target. Firearms are the leading cause of death due to brain injury.

Our brains make us who we are, allowing us to interpret the world around us. A head injury can disrupt the brain’s ability to process, store, retrieve and accumulate information, and serious damage to the brain can result in an inability to control the emotions or interact socially. If you have suffered a head injury as the result of the negligence of another person, or a deliberate act of another person, it is important to speak to an experienced Mississippi attorney who can answer your questions and advocate for your rights.

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