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Proving Liability in a Truck Crash is Easy... If you Follow These 3 Tips

By Coxwell & Associates August 7, 2018

Proving liability in a truck crash can be particularly tricky, especially if you have no real..

Why You Should Seek Medical Care Immediately After A Car Accident

By Merrida Coxwell August 6, 2018

The aftermath of a seriouscar accident is always chaotic. Within a matter of minutes, the..

5 Essential Steps to Take After Getting Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident

By Merrida Coxwell August 6, 2018

The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic. It is not uncommon for..

4 Critical Mistakes That Could Jeopardize Your Car Accident Claim

By Merrida Coxwell August 2, 2018

If you drive on a fairly regular basis, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually be..

What You Need to Know About Mississippi Auto Insurance Laws

By Coxwell & Associates August 1, 2018

As of January 1 2001, Mississippi law states that all drivers must have liability insurance and..

A Handy Truck Accident Settlement Calculator

By Coxwell & Associates July 31, 2018

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you could be eligible for thousands of dollars in..

How Soon Should I Contact An Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

By Merrida Coxwell July 30, 2018

It goes without saying that there’s a lot to do after being injured in a car accident. ..

3 Tips For Taking Photos Of A Car Accident Scene

By Merrida Coxwell July 27, 2018

In the chaotic aftermath of a serious car accident, it’s not easy to focus on gathering..

What to do After an 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

By Coxwell & Associates July 25, 2018

Being in an 18 wheeler truck accident can be a particularly traumatic experience. After the..

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