Truck Accidents in Mississippi Require Hands On Attorneys

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I am in the middle of litigating a very serious truck accident which cost a truck driver (our client’s husband) his life. As I was preparing some discovery answers which included providing documents to the defense, I noticed how many times my partner, Merrida Coxwell, and I were in the pictures taken by our accident reconstruction expert. (That’s me in the photo accompanying this blog). I never thought about it much but litigating truck accidents requires the attorney to be more hands on than most other civil cases.

For instance, when our expert went to the accident scene, Merrida was with him to get a better understanding of what happened. I went to view the trucks with the expert so I could gain more knowledge on downloading blackbox information and any other tidbits.

Of course, Merrida and I have always been “hands on” attorneys when it comes to trying cases. From investigating crime scenes to viewing autopsies, we prefer to be there in person rather than have someone interpret results for us. I would like to believe it is this kind of dedication that helps us serve our clients better.

Chuck Mullins has been a lawyer for 17 years and has had the good fortune of helping clients with their problems. To learn more about Chuck, go to the Coxwell & Associates website.

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