Reglan is a prescription drug manufactured by Baxter Health Care. The generic name of the drug is metoclopramide. This drug was developed for the use in people who suffer heartburn and who have tried other treatments unsuccessfully. The Food and Drug Administration approved the short term use of this drug, generally between 4-12 weeks. At Coxwell & Associates, a personal injury law firm located in Jackson, Hinds County, MS, we are reviewing cases for people who have been injured by Reglan.

The long term use of Reglan can lead to a serious and irreversible condition known as tardive dyskinesia which causes involuntary movements of the body. This sounds unusual but the condition cannot be corrected and the face, lips, arms and legs came move uncontrollably. Our personal injury attorneys handle serious injury cases. We were actively involved in prior serious product liability prescription drug litigation such as the diet drug, Rezulin, Vioxx, Bextra, and other litigation for people who suffered harms and losses from prescription drugs. At Coxwell & Associates our focus is on cases were people suffer serious, catastrophic, and permanent injury. Call us or e mail for a free consultation.

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