Warren County Church Break-in

Last week, two men were arrested for stealing various items from a church, a farm and a hunting camp in Warren County. According to WJTV News Channel 12, 23-year-old Brian Odom and 21-year-old Gary Guillot allegedly broke into Bovina Baptist Church, Oxbow Hunting Camp and Red Bird Farms. They’ve been charged with grand larceny, burglary and two counts of business burglary.

They’re accused of stealing a variety of different items including an 88-inch TV and four wheelers. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is also trying to determine if anybody knowingly purchased the allegedly stolen goods from the suspects. The new law going into effect July 01, 2014, will define house burglary as a violent crime. This means the person would have to serve at least 50% of the sentence before being eligible for parole.

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