Who are the Victims of Talcum Powder Cancer?

More women are filing lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson because they believe their cancer was caused by talcum powder. There have been many cases where women have suffered from aggressive talcum powder cancer.

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As Johnson and Johnson never warned customers of the potential risks of using talc as part of a feminine hygiene routine, more women are concerned their cancer was caused by talcum powder. Reports have suggested J&J were aware of the risks but chose to remain silent and not issue a baby powder recall.

Women who have been using baby powder for most of their life are worried they are at risk of talcum powder cancer.

There have been some successful lawsuits against J&J and more women are filing lawsuits, hoping this will give them the opportunity to win compensation and alert other people about the risks of using baby powder.

These are some of the women who have suffered as a result of J&J Baby Powder and/or Shower to Shower talc AND received compensation

Jacqueline Fox 

In the case of Jacqueline Fox, her personal injury case was heard in court after she passed away from ovarian cancer. She used J&J baby powder and Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene and she used it regularly for over 35 years. Her family were awarded with $72 million in compensation after their lawyers argued J&J were aware of the risks but pushed their marketing when profits were declining. 

Gloria Ristesund 

Ristesund was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using J&J baby powder and Shower to Shower for decades. She had to have a hysterectomy and other surgeries to battle the cancer. Her case was heard in 2016 and after deliberating for a day, the jury decided in the favour of Ristesund and she received $5 million in compensation, along with compensation of punitive damages of $50 million.

Deborah Giannecchini

In October 2016, Deborah Giannecchini was awarded $70 million in compensation. Giannecchini was diagnosed in 2012 with ovarian cancer.

She claimed J&J were guilty of ‘negligent conduct’ for the way they marketed talcum powder. She used J&J baby powder for over forty years and after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she has had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy.

Are you eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit?

All these women have suffered from talcum powder cancer and filed cases against Johnson and Johnson. They filed lawsuits and received compensation. If you believe your cancer was caused by talcum powder you could be eligible to file a claim against J&J.

There are many reasons to start a Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuit. It gives you the opportunity to claim compensation and make J&J pay for their negligence. Around the world, there have been many companies who chose their profits over the well being of their customers. It’s unacceptable. If Johnson and Johnson were aware of the dangers of using talcum powder, they should offer compensation. 

Before you can start a talcum powder lawsuit, you need to take an eligibility test. At the moment, there is a strict screening criteria for who can file a claim but by using this free checker you can find out within minutes whether you’re eligible.

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