If the American Public would ever take the time to study how much they pay for prescription drugs compared to other countries I hope they would become outraged. The large pharmaceutical companies have a hold over our government. With the amount of money spent by Medicaid and Medicare you would think our Government could make a better bargain for prescription drugs for the elderly and disabled. It is truly embarrassing.

The Department of Justice recently announced that several pharmaceutical companies were paying hundreds of millions in fines for promoting the “off-label” use of a drug. The term “off-label” use takes place when the companies promote and market a drug for a use that has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This happens frequently.

The number of prescription drugs sold to consumers that are dangerous and should never have been sold also makes one wonder if the Food and Drug Administration is sleeping. Our firm has been involved in civil actions for the diet drugs, the diabetes drugs, high blood pressure drugs and several others that were too dangerous to be sold. Prescription drugs save lives, but they can also kill and cause permanent injuries when they are rushed to market and sold without adequate testing and when their “off-label” use is encouraged. I have heard a saying in the medical profession that goes like this: “Don’t give out a drug to patients until it has been out a year; don’t prescribe it to your family until it has been out five (5) years.”

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