The Mississippi Legislature is currently considering a felony expungement bill that will help some people who have been convicted. This bill has not passed and been signed by the Governor, but if it does pass and gets signed by the Governor it will allow some limited felony expungements, as follows:

(a) Any person who has been convicted of one of the following felonies may petition the court in which the conviction was had for an order to expunge one (1) conviction from all public records five (5) years after the successful completion of all terms and conditions of the sentence for the conviction: a bad check offense under Section 97-19-55; possession of a controlled substance or paraphernalia under Section 41-29-139(c) or (d); false pretense under Section 97-19-39; larceny under Section 97-17-41; malicious mischief under Section 97-17-67; or shoplifting under Section 97-23-93. A person is eligible for only one (1) felony expunction under this section.

I am a disappointed that throughout the Legislative process this expungement bill has been so severely restricted. When the Bill started out it allowed for an expungement in most cases except for violent crimes, crimes against children, and sex crimes. This would have been a fair and reasonable law. If you have had a conviction for one of the felonies listed above we may be able to help you if the law passe’s. Right now we can still expunge or erase most misdemeanor convictions.
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