Workover Rig Flips off I-55

On Wednesday, a workover rig flipped off of an Interstate 55 bridge in Copiah County. According to WJTV News Channel 12, the incident happened sometime before 9:00 a.m. Apparently, the workover rig flipped off of a bridge and landed on Highway 27. Initail reports indicate that the truck may have had a tire blowout, leading to the driver loosing control. The driver was taken to Hardy Wilson Memorial Hospital in Hazlehurst for treatment for injuries.

Worker Injured in Copiah County

Emergency responders were called to the scene, where the workover rig driver, an employee contracted by Lucky Wells Services, was hurt. His injuries, which included lacerations, were initially described as minor, but there’s no word on the full extent of injuries or his current condition after the crash. Although very few details have been released, this appeared to be a one-vehicle crash.

Heavy Machinery Accidents
Accidents involving large pieces of heavy machinery can be devastating for victims. Catastrophic and fatal injuries are not uncommon in heavy machinery accidents. It’s important to make sure all safety regulations and maintenance of heavy machinery is followed in order to keep workers and other people safe. It’s especially important for worksites near roadways, where commuter traffic is frequent.

Workplace and Job site Injuries
Employers owe their workers a duty of safety on the job site. Safe working environments ensure employees can return home to their families at the end of the workday. Whether you’re a contractor or a salaried employee, you deserve to be safe at work. You shouldn’t have to deal with pain, medical bills and potentially losing your job because of an injury that wasn’t even your fault.

After an Injury on the Worksite

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in a worksite accident or heavy machinery crash, you need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney can be your advocate as you begin to recover from the accident.

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